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Get stronger, faster, & move better by developing the lifestyle practices to keep you training forever.

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What's inside the app

  • Programs designed for you

    What's inside

    Programs designed for you

    The training on this app is for anyone interested in getting stronger, moving better, and incorporating sustainable resistance training into their lifestyle. There are options to train both in-gym and at-home, and opportunities to accommodate common equipment limitations.

    Let's start training!
  • Coaching & community

    What's inside

    Coaching & community

    • Ask me questions directly

    • Share your success with me

    • Tell me what content you want to see

    Let's start training!
  • MASS Method background
  • Lower Body Only background
  • Hip Strength & Mobility background
  • At home & speed workouts background
  • MASS Method 2: Strength background
  • Included in your subscription

    MASS Method

    • 4 week program designed to place equal emphasis on all the major aspects of fitness

    • Full body training that will improve your: Movement, Athleticism, Strength, and Speed. Bonus - your muscle MASS will increase along the way

    • Each week consists of 3 total body workouts and 2 workouts focused on speed drills, power, and metabolic conditioning

  • Included in your subscription

    Lower Body Only

    • 2 workouts per week to be incorporated into your current fitness routine, over a 3 week period

    • Designed for someone who prefers body split workouts over total body - it can replace a traditional “Leg Day”

    • Improves leg strength and lower body muscle mass

  • Included in your subscription

    Hip Strength & Mobility

    • 6 comprehensive workouts to enhance your hip strength and mobility

    • Incorporates some plyometrics and strength training

    • Can be incorporated into your routine on a day that is more recovery or cardio focused or done prior to your main leg day if you do body split workouts

  • Included in your subscription

    At home & speed workouts

    • Updated weekly

    • Requires minimal, standard gym equipment and can be done anywhere

    • Will help you become a stronger, more powerful, and more mobile athlete

  • Included in your subscription

    MASS Method 2: Strength

    • 4 Weeks of programming

    • Key emphasis in 3 areas: strength, muscle hypertrophy, and linear speed.

    • Heavy emphasis on strength BUT each aspect of performance is still included here. The flows, bodyweight training, power & agility work, and conditioning are included with enough volume to allow you to keep progressing in those areas as well.

About Judd Lienhard

About Judd Lienhard

Judd has more than 34,000 training hours under his belt, with 12+ Years as a Speed and Human Performance Coach.

Judd has used this experience, as well as his time as a college football player and US Army Ranger, to develop a unique approach to training that has proven to be effective among athletes ages 9 to 79 of all levels.

Judd's goal with this app is to bring effective training to anyone looking to become a stronger, more powerful, and more mobile athlete. The unique movements found in Judd's programming will challenge you in new ways and build capabilities you may never have thought you would be able to obtain.

Always Be An Athlete.

Membership perks

  • Stay motivated

    I post new workouts regularly so you can stay motivated and accountable. With all my offerings, you'll never get bored of your workout routine.

  • Easy-to-follow videos

    Know you're training the right way with my easy-to-follow videos and simple instructions.

  • Community

    Join my community to share your fitness journey, stay accountable, and connect with others.

  • Nutrition made simple

    Learn exactly what to eat when, get grocery lists, and find out the foods that will keep you fueled and energized.

  • Workout programs

    My workout programs are made for all fitness levels to help you achieve your goals.

  • Talk to me

    Message me directly in the app to ask me any questions you may have and request your favorite content.

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